China to sanction US firms selling arms to Taiwan

BEIJING – China government and its local companies threatens to cut business ties with US firms involved in selling arms to Taiwan.

Last week, China has requested the US to cancel the $2.2b arms sale to Taiwan and accusing Washington of violating the international law, harming China’s sovereignty and interfering in domestic affairs.

The latest deal involves M1A2T Abrams tanks, 250 stinger missiles manufactured by Raytheon and other related equipment for Taiwan.

China claims the democratic Taiwan as its own under the One-China policy China routinely calls Taiwan one of the most sensitive issue in its relationship with the US .

On Sunday, the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily posted an article on its WeChat account identifying US companies that could be vulnerable to sanctions but did not elaborate.

This is not the first time China has issued a warning to US companies selling weapons to Taiwan. China has announced such directives before but it is unclear if the sanctions were ever imposed.

While the United States openly supports the one-China principle, it is required by law to assist Taiwan to help the island defend itself.

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