Erdogan faces threat from former allies

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now risks losing more voters as former allies stick their head above the parapet and appear to be on the verge of creating new parties, following losses in key cities this year.

Both former prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu and ex-economy minister Ali Babacan have both made statements criticising Erdogan regarding the state of Turkey at this moment.

Rumours have been ongoing for months also that Babacan and Davutoglu may be creating their own political parties to challenge AKP that has dominated Turkish politics this century.

On Jul 8, Babacan, who is was the prominent person that oversee Turkey’s economic boom with AKP’s in their first 10 years in year, he resigned from the party, dealing a big blow to AKP.

He stated that Turkey needed a “new vision” and cited “deep differences” over policy.

With double-digit inflation, slower growth and a weakened lira, many hope Babacan will be the answer to Turkey’s economic woes and an alternative to Erdogan.

Things are indeed not looking to well for Erdogan.

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