Hong Kong Protest: Outcry after Suspected Triad gangster attack at Yuen Long MTR station

Anger grows in Hong Kong over a vicious attack on pro-democracy protester by suspected gangster at a Hong Kong railway station last Sunday.

Hospital authorities said at least 45 people were wounded in the attack, with one in critical condition and five others with serious injuries.

Opposition lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting was among the injured commuters sustaining lacerations to his face and arms.

Journalist and passersby were also attacked. A reporter live streamed being attacked by thugs in an MTR station on Sunday night.

The police were also being criticized for the lack of response and accused of not letting the “triad members” be held accountable.

The police on the other hand said they “strongly condemned” the violent incidents and currently investigating the matter. Hong Kong’s recent surge of protest poses a personal challenge to strongman Xi Jingping as he sees the protests as a threat to the party.

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