Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong on way to Germany, US after brief detention

HONG KONG: Following a mistake in his bail conditions, a Hong Kong democracy activist is set to make his way to Germany after he was released from a brief spell in custody.

Joshua Wong, 22, was among multiple prominent democracy advocates who were detained late last month in a roundup by police as the semi-autonomous city reels from more than three months of unprecedented pro-democracy protests.

Among other charges, he was accused of “inciting others to take part in unauthorised assembly” and later released on bail.

However, on Sunday, Wong was detained at Hong Kong airport for “breaching bail conditions” after returning from Taiwan and as he then tried to make another overseas trip to Germany. He also planned to travel to the United States after.

He was then released by a court on Monday after emerging that the detention was a procedural error and that his bail requirements allowed him to take any overseas trips that had been arranged before his arrest.

Wong tweeted that his overnight detention was “wholly unacceptable and unreasonable.”

According to reports, Wong planned to meet German politicians from different parties as well as speak at Berlin’s Humboldt University. He would also call on Germany to halt trade negotiations and arms sales to Hong Kong and China “until the human rights is put on the agenda.”

Moreover, he would also be travelling to the United States and would return in late September, without giving details of his itinerary. Wong who has started his career as an activist at the age of 12, became the poster child of the huge pro-democracy “Umbrella Movement” protests of 2014 that failed to win any concessions from Beijing. He has previously been jailed due to his involvement in those protests.

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