Malaysia open consulate in Uganda

The honorary consul Al Haj Habib Kagimu on Tuesday met the minister of state for international affairs Henry Oryem Okello to present his credentials as the first honorary consul in Uganda.

Mr. Kagimu said that the first key issues that his consulate will be looking at is education, health and trade. He said they plan to make it easier for Ugandans to go and study as well as have treatment in Malaysia where it is cheaper.

While all the other countries in the world cannot be visited without a visa, Malaysia is one of the easiest countries to go to without the need of a visa. Its convenient for many of the Ugandans to migrate with their children to Malaysia for their education. They are specialists in oil exploration which is very beneficial to Uganda, said Mr Kagimu.

Topics like: fostering fight against human trafficking, especially of young girls who are trafficked and employed as sex workers in Malaysia were discussed by the honorary consul.
They are going to enhance the fight against exploitation of the kids to end up in wrong hands that force them into prostitution, said Mr Kagimu.

Mr Okello in his statements said: This will spur and generate momentum in the interest of Malaysia as a country for Ugandans to go and do business. People have been going to Dubai but now another market is there for them, Malaysia.

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