Mall clashes at latest Hong Kong anti-extradition march

HONG KONG: On Sunday night, riot police and protesters fought running battles in a Hong Kong shopping mall. This is due to dissatisfaction caused by a widely loathed plan to allow extraditions to mainland China which showed no sign of abating.

Protesters responded to the police’s pepper spray and batons by hurling bottles and other projectiles towards the police in the midst of international hub.

The clash took place at the end of another huge rally in Sha Tin, a district that lies between the main urban sprawl around the harbor and the Chinese border.

After the rally, violence broke out briefly in the afternoon as protesters seized a junction and built barricades which caused hours-long stand-off with riot police.

According to reports, the clashes got worst in late evening inside a shopping mall where hundreds of protesters fled after police moved on the barricades and then charged into the shopping complex.

Once inside, chaos erupted as police found themselves pelted from above.

During the incident, at least one officer was seen knocked unconsciously with bloods on the floor of the mall.

Police equipped with shields and batons made multiple arrests as they charge up to higher floors filled with luxury fashion stores. Volunteer medics were also seen to be giving aid to a protester who collapsed. Protesters left the area at around 10pm.

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