Namibia’s 29th Independence Day celebrated in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – About 500 visitors , among them Namibia’s friends from regional , continental and international places gathered at Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and well-known in their true own unique way Namibia’s 29th Independence Day.

The warm red , white and green shades of Namibia’s flag reflected in the reception hall , representing the people of Namibia , their determination and dedication to achieve equal opportunity for all , unity and peace as well as the country’s farming wealth.

Amongst the gathering were 50 former members of MALBAT, the Malaysian contingent that served in the United Nations Transitional Assistance Group (Untag), the United Nations peacekeeping force that supervised Namibia’s elections and assisted in the transition to nationhood and independence 29 years ago. 

Mutelo said the bilateral relations  between Namibia and Malaysia did not only start with the opening of resident diplomatic missions in each other’s capitals 23 years ago,  but they date way back to the time of Namibia’s liberation struggle for independence. 

“Malaysia, just like many other countries gathered here tonight, played a pivotal role and supported Namibia’s quest for freedom, self-determination and independence through international and regional organisations such as the United Nations, Commonwealth and Non-Aligned Movement,” she said 

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